Balraj Ltd. was registered with an authorised capital of ₹2,00,000 in shares of ₹10 each. Of these, 6,000 shares were issued as fully paid up to the vendor for purchase of building. 8,000 shares were subscribed for by the public. ₹5 per share were called up, payable ₹2 on application, ₹1 on allotment, ₹1 on first call and ₹1 on second call. The amounts received in respect of these shares were as follows:

On 6,000 shares- the full amount called;

On 1,250 shares- ₹4 per share;

On 500 shares- ₹3 per share;

On 250 shares- ₹2 per share.

Present the share capital in the Balance Sheet of the company as per Schedule III of the companies Act, 2013. Also prepare Notes to Accounts.

Zaraaa Asked question December 30, 2023
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