Pass the necessary Journal entries to rectify the following errors:

(i) ₹ 25,000 paid as wages for the construction of office building debited to Salaries Account.

(ii) ₹ 20,000 spent on the purchases of material for the construction of building debited to Purchases Account.

(iii) ₹ 70,000 spent on the extension of building was debited to Building Repairs Account.

(iv) ₹ 25,000 spent on whitewash of a new building was charged to Building Repairs Account.

(v) ₹ 3,000 paid as installation charges for newly purchased second hand machinery posted to Cartage Account.

(vi) ₹ 10,000 paid as repairing charges on the reconditioning of a newly purchased second hand machinery debited to General Expenses Account.

(vii) ₹ 10,000 paid by cheque for a printer was charged to the Office Expenses Account.

Anurag Pathak Changed status to publish October 26, 2023
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