Calculate GDP at MP by Income Method and National Income by Expenditure Method.

Particulars ₹ in Crores
(i) Mixed Income of the self-employed 260
(ii) Rent, interest and profit 290
(iii) Interest on national debt 40
(iv) Government final consumption expenditure 220
(v) Imports 170
(vi) Exports 140
(vii) Private final consumption expenditure 1,530
(viii) Change in Stock 100
(ix) Compensation of employees 730
(x) Net factor income from the rest of the world (-) 10
(xi) Consumption of fixed capital 120
(xii) Subsidies 30
(xiii) Gross fixed capital formation 400
(xiv) Indirect taxes 850

Ans: GDP at MP by Income Method = ₹ 2,220 Crores; NNP at FC by Expenditure Method = ₹ 1,270 Crores

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