Calculate gross national product at factor cost from the following data by (a) income method and (b) expenditure method.

Particulars ₹ in Crores
(i) Wages and Salaries 800
(ii) Mixed income of self-employed 160
(iii) Operating Surplus 600
(iv) Undistributed profits 150
(v) Gross Capital formation 350
(vi) Change in stocks 25
(vii) Net Capital Formation 300
(viii) Employer’s contribution to social security schemes 100
(ix) Net factor income from abroad (-) 20
(x) Exports 30
(xi) imports 60
(xii) Private final consumption expenditure 1,000
(xiii) Government final consumption expenditure 450
(xiv) Net indirect taxes 60
(xv) Compensation of employees paid by the Government 75

Ans:- Gross National Product at Factor Cost = ₹ 1,670 Crores

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