From the following information, Calculate GNP at MP by Income and Expenditure Methods.

Particulars ₹ in Crores
(i) Personal Consumption Expenditure 2,940
(ii) Social Security Contribution by Employers 108
(iii) Net indirect taxes 216
(iv) Interest 156
(v) Government expenditure on goods and services 864
(vi) Rent 168
(vii) Undistributed profits 252
(viii) Dividends 192
(ix) Wages and Salaries in Cash 2,544
(x) Tax on corporate profits 228
(xi) Net Domestic investment 396
(xii) Depreciation 324
(xiii) Net Exports 36
(xiv) Income of the self-employed 372
(xv) Net factor income from abroad 15
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