From the following information, Calculate: (i) Return on Investment Ratio. (ii) Net Assets Turnover Ratio.
Net Profit after Interest and Tax 2,40,000
Tax 1,60,000
Net Fixed Assets: Property, Plant and Equipment, and Intangible Assets 10,00,000
Non-Current Investments (Non-Trade) 1,00,000
Equity Share capital (Face Value ₹ 10 per share) 5,00,000
15% Preference Share Capital 1,00,000
Reserves and Surplus (including surplus of the year udner consideration) 2,00,000
10% Debentures 4,00,000
Revenue from Operations 24,00,000
[Ans.: (i) Return on Investment (ROI) = 36.67%; (ii) Net Assets of Capital Employed Turnover Ratio = 2 Times.]
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