From the following particulars, you are required to determine the bank balance as would appear in the Cash Book of Ramesh as on 31st October, 2022:

(i) The Bank Pass Book showed an overdraft of ₹ 16,500 on 31st October 2022.

(ii) Interest of ₹ 1,250 on overdraft up to 31st October, 2022 has been debited in the Bank Pass Book, but it has not been entered in the Cash Book.

(iii) Bank Charges debited in the Bank Pass Book amounted to ₹ 35.

(iv) Cheques issued prior to 31st October, 2022, but not presented till that date, amounted to ₹ 11,500.

(v) Cheques paid into bank before 31st October, but not collected and credited up to that date, were for ₹ 2,500.

(vi) Interest on investment collected by the bankers and credited in the Bank Pass Book amounted to ₹ 1,800.

Anurag Pathak Changed status to publish October 24, 2023