Given the following data, find the missing values of ‘Private Final Consumption Expenditure’ and ‘Operating Surplus’.

Particulars ₹ in Crores
(i) National Income 50,000
(ii) Net Indirect Taxes 1,000
(iii) Private Final Consumption Expenditure ?
(iv) Gross Domestic Capital Formation 17,000
(v) Profits 1,000
(vi) Government Final Consumption Expenditure 12,500
(vii) Wages and Salaries 20,000
(viii) Consumption of Fixed Capital 700
(ix) Mixed Income of Self-Employed 13,000
(x) Operating Surplus ?
(xi) Net Factor Income from Abroad 500
(xii) Net Exports 2,000


Private Final Consumption Expenditure = ₹ 19,700 Crores; Operating Surplus = ₹ 16,500 Crores.

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