In the year 2021-22, Yamuna Limited Co. was registered with an authorised capital of ₹ 1,00,000 in ₹ 10 per Equity Share.

Of these, 4,000 equity shares were issued as fully paid to vendor for the purchase of Plant and Machinery and 6,000 shares were subscribed for by the public.

During the first year, ₹ 6 per Equity Share was called up, payable:

₹ 3 on Application

₹ 1 on Allotment

₹ 2 on the First Call

The amounts received in respect of these shares were as follows:

On 5,000 shares the full amount called

On 500 shares ₹ 4 per Equity share

On 400 shares ₹ 3 per Equity Share.

The company forfeited all those shares on which only ₹ 3 had been received and reissued them at ₹ 4 per share.

You are required to:

(i) Pass Journal entries to record the above transactions in the books of the company.

(ii) Prepare the Calls-in-Arrears Account

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