On checking the Bank Pass Book, it was noticed that it showed an overdraft of ₹ 5,220 as on 31st March, 2023 while as per Ledger it was different from bank balance. The following differences were noted:

(i) Cheques deposited but not yet credited by bank ₹ 6,000.

(ii) Cheques dishonoured and debited by bank but not given effect to it in the Ledger ₹ 800.

(iii) Bank charges debited by bank but debit memo not received from bank ₹ 50.

(iv) Interest on overdraft excess credited in the Leger ₹ 200.

(v) Wrongly credited by bank to account, deposit of some other party ₹ 900.

(vi) Cheques issued but not presented for payment ₹ 400.

Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement.

Anurag Pathak Changed status to publish October 24, 2023