Pass Journal entries to rectify the errors in the following cases:

(i) A purchases of goods from David amounting to ₹ 150 has been wrongly passed through the Sales Book.

(ii) A credit sale of goods of ₹ 120 to Peter has been wrongly passed through the Purchases Book.

(iii) ₹ 200, salary paid to Cashier B. Naidu, stands wrongly debited to his Personal Account.

(iv) ₹ 100 received from Shaw & Co. have been wrongly entered as from Shah & Co.

(v) Ramesh’s Account was credited with ₹ 840 twice instead of once.

(vi) Goods (Cost ₹ 5,000; Sales Price ₹ 6,000) distributed as samples among prospective customers were not recorded.

Anurag Pathak Changed status to publish October 26, 2023