Show an Accounting Equation on the basis of the following transactions:
i) Sunil Started business with cash ₹ 1,50,000
ii) Opened a Bank Account by depositing ₹ 25,000 out of cash
iii) He sold his personal car for ₹ 50,000 and deposited the amount in the firm’s Bank Account
iv) He purchased a building and furniture for 1,00,000
v) He pruchased goods from Ram on credit 50,000
vi) He paid cartage 500
vii) He sold to Shyam on credit goods costing ₹ 6,000 for 9,000
viii) Received rent from tenants 1,000
ix) Received security deposit from tenants 1,500
x) Purchased stationery for cash 100
xi) Invested in Shares (personal) 50,000
xii) Received interest in cash 200
xiii) Introduced fresh capital 25,000
xiv) Goods destriyed by fire 500
[Assets: ₹ 2,29,600 = Liabilities: ₹ 51,500 + Capital: ₹ 1,78,100.]
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