Sunshine Industries Ltd. issued 20,000 shares of ₹ 100 each payable ₹ 25 per share on application, ₹ 25 per share on allotment and the balance in two call of ₹ 25 each. The company did not make the final call of ₹ 25 per share. All the money was duly received with the exception of the amount due on the first call on 400 shares held by Mr. Modi. The Board of Directors forfeited these shares and subsequently reissued them @ ₹ 75 per share paid-up for a sum of ₹ 28,000.

Journalise the above transactions and prepare Share Capital Account.

[Ans.: Capital Reserve – ₹ 18,000.]

Anurag Pathak Changed status to publish September 6, 2023
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