The Trial Balance of a bookkeeper shows an excess of debits over credits by ₹ 261. This difference is placed in a Suspense Account to facilitate books closure. Later on the following errors were discovered:

(i) A credit item of ₹ 349 has been debited to a Personal Account as ₹ 439.

(ii) A sum of ₹ 625 written off from fixtures as depreciation has not been posted to the Depreciation Account.

(iii) ₹ 9,000 paid for furniture bought have been charged to the Purchases Account.

(iv) A discount allowed to a customer has been credited to his as ₹ 145 in place of ₹ 154.

(v) A sale of ₹ 594 was posted as ₹ 495 in the Sales Account.

(vi) Total of Returns Inward Book has been added ₹ 10 short.

Pass Journal entries to correct these errors and prepare the Suspense Account.

Anurag Pathak Changed status to publish October 26, 2023