Calculate GDP at MP by value-added method and income method.

Particulars ₹ in Crores
(i) Intermediate Consumption of Primary Sector 500
(ii) Intermediate Consumption of Secondary Sector 400
(iii) Intermediate Consumption of Tertiary Sector 300
(iv) Value of output of primary sector 1000
(v) Value of output of Secondary sector 900
(vi) Value of output of tertiary sector 700
(vii) Rent 10
(viii) Employee Compensation 950
(ix) Profits 285
(x) Net factor income from abroad (-) 20
(xi) Interest 5
(xii) Depreciation 40
(xiii) Net indirect taxes 10
(xiv) Mixed income 100

Ans:- GDP at MP = ₹ 1,400 Crores

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